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New Timber Roof – Double Roman

Prefabricated timber roof trusses with vented top ends covered with Double Roman roof tiles to finish off the look and feel of a true modern Tuscan house. This modern Tuscan style home situated in an exclusive estate in Pretoria east combines luxury and entertainment. A modern but still classic roof was needed to achieve ... More

Exposed Roof Trusses – Patio

Exposing the true beauty of exposed roof trusses. Take away the ceiling stain the prefabricated trusses and stand back to admire a work of art! Exposed Roof Trusses could be one of the most visually pleasing elements of a new construction, if done correctly! To achieve the desired exposed truss effect collaboration ... More

Uys Properties

A Pre-fabricated truss structure were required for a townhouse complex in Secunda. Timber roof trusses were designed and fabricated at our Pretoria truss factory. The timber roof trusses were delivered and erected in no time. We also supplied and laid roof tiles (Double Roman Roof tiles in a standard Terracotta finish) for ... More