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ECO Roofing’s design office has the know-how and experience to design an aesthetically pleasing roof structure that can safely carry the required load over the lifespan of the roof.

The roof structure is definitely one of the most important elements of any construction project as it must protect the structure, finishes and occupants. It is also one of the heaviest, largest and more costly component in any project.

All the roofs designed by ECO Roofing’s design office uses state-of-the-art designing software from MiTek Systems. The software is developed and backed worldwide by professional structural engineers and programmers.

Our experienced design team can design any shape and sizes of roof trusses. They will assist you in the planning of your new roof or the re-roofing of you building. Truss designs can also include attic trusses, exposed trusses, rafters & beams.

Why choose ECO Roofing to manufacture timber roof trusses?

ECO Roofing manufacturing division has been designing and manufacturing timber roof trusses since 1999. Although we specialize in the design and manufacturing of timber roof trusses we also offer the following extended roofing services.

  • Onsite delivery & installation of timber roof structures.
  • Supply and fitment of concrete roof tiles.
  • Supply and fitment of roof sheeting.
  • Supply and fitment of laminated beams.

Decorative finishes like roof trusses sprockets and decorative plates are also available to customers looking for that something extra or personal touch.

Designing, manufacturing and delivering quality roof trusses to our clients is the most important goal we strive for. Insuring our client only get the best quality roof trusses at competitive prices our manufacturing division fabricate and inspects all trusses under the ITC (Institute for Timber Construction) guidance.

The Institute for Timber Construction in South Africa oversees all industry activities which includes, Nail Plate Manufacturing, System certification, Truss Plant certification, training of designers, estimators, detailers, erectors, carpenters and inspections of completed roofs

At ECO Roofing we always strive to provide our clients with a higher quality products at a competitive price! Get a quote today!