Roof Truss Fabrication

Custom Roof Truss Fabrication | Manufacturers of Roof Trusses Johannesburg / Pretoria

Quality Engineered Roof Truss Systems from ECO Roofing.

To ensures an excellent end-product when fabricating custom roof trusses in Johannesburg & Pretoria, ECO Roofing relays on careful design, planning and the utilization of state-of-the-art MiTek Software to design and create all roof truss structures.

The roof truss structure and layout are designed with the focus on ease of installation and to minimize permanent system bracing. Once the truss design is finished and approved the order is released to be manufactured. Using SA structural pine, wood is picked for fabrication and cutting of all the truss components commences.

The cut timber truss components are assembled on a press line. Vertical presses are used to embed the nail plates into the wood and to insure a tighter fitting joint. Utilizing a template system to help assembly, trusses are jigged while conforming to industry standards. After assembly trusses pass through a finishing roller to ensure that the nail plates are fully embedded into the wood and secure.

Once the trusses have been fabricated and the complete order is finished, it is scheduled for delivery by our professional delivery team.

ECO Roofing is always striving to be innovative and to explore new cost effective methods of truss design. The knowledge on residential and commercial construction of the management team at Eco Roofing enables us to always give you the best advice and design your roof according to your requirements.

With experience in all aspects of the roofing industry together with access to a world-class manufacturing facility, ECO Roofing is capable to finish any roofing project in Johannesburg, Centurion or Pretoria successfully and professionally at very competitive prices.