New Timber Roof – Double Roman

House – Colnic Manor -Mooikloof Heights – Pretoria East

Prefabricated timber roof trusses with vented top ends covered with Double Roman roof tiles to finish off the look and feel of a true modern Tuscan house.

This modern Tuscan style home situated in an exclusive estate in Pretoria east combines luxury and entertainment. A modern but still classic roof was needed to achieve the effect the client required. The client (owner / builder) also required a complete roofing service that could be managed by a roofing company from start to finish. ECO Roofing was chosen as the best, reasonably priced roofing company.

The roofing project comprised of different roof section with a total cover of 645m2. The roof designs included prefabricated roof trusses for the main house and exposed roof trusses supported by laminated wooden beams for the landing / front section of the house.

To complete the required look, slate colored Double Roman roof tiles was supplied and installed as roof cover.

ECO Roofing handled the roofing component of the project by:

  • Roof structure designed;
  • Timber Roof truss manufacturing and delivering;
  • Fitment of prefabricated roof trusses and erecting of roof;
  • Supply and erecting of laminated beams + trusses for landing;
  • Supply and laying of roof tiles;
  • Inspection and certification of new roof structure;
  • Management of roofing process from design to finish.

Roof truss erection
Prefabricated Roof truss erection
Packing of roof tiles
Double Roman roof tiles
Laminated beam and truss erection for landing
laying of roof tiles on landing
Exposed roof trusses and laminated wooden beam
Completed Roofing Project
Perfection in Roofing - Beautiful house

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