Timber Roof Trusses

Prefabricated Timber Roof Trusses | Timber Roof Trusses Manufacturers in Gauteng

Looking for a roof truss design and manufacturer of wood roof trusses in Gauteng?

ECO Roofing manufactures roof trusses for houses, apartments and commercial buildings. Trusses are designed using the MiTek 20/20 roof truss software. All roofs are guaranteed by only using SABS quality treated SA Pine. Pre-fabricated roof trusses are constructed using a jig system. Roof truss components are joined with nail plates on a vertical press to insure a tighter fitting joint. All timber roof trusses manufactured complies with ITC (Institute for Timber Construction SA) standard.

Pre-Fabricated timber roof trusses are used in the majority of construction projects in South Africa. Timber trusses offers a cost effective and quick solution to framing. Timber roof trusses can also be engineered to deliver a practical and versatile roofing solution

ECO Roofing can offer clients a complete roofing solution that includes the design, manufacturing and delivery of roof trusses. Supplementary services like the supply and install roof tiles and roof sheeting is also in high demand and can be delivered as an end to end roofing service.

This complete roofing solution offers clients the following:

  1. Truss design and manufacture
  2. Erection of timber roof structures
  3. Supply and erection of roof coverings
  4. Purpose made decorative plates for exposed trusses
  5. Decorative sprockets for exposed trusses and truss ends

Pre-Fabricated Nail Plate Timber Roof Trusses
Pre-Fabricated Timber Roof Trusses
Nail Plate Timber Roof Trusses

Why use Prefabricated timber roof trusses?

By making use of prefabricated roof trusses builders can minimize waste on site and use up to 20% less timber. Prefabricated trusses that is manufactured in a factory controlled environment is also of higher quality and are assembled using nail plates.

Nail plate timber trusses is trusses that is constructed using spiked metal connector plates. The protruding spikes of the plate on one side bites into the wood to secure the plate on the wood. The nail plate is used to securely join two or more pieces of timber together forming the truss.

Benefits of using Prefabricated timber roof trusses from ECO Roofing.
  • Experienced roofing consultants;
  • Trusses are designed by an engineer;
  • MiTek 20/20 roof truss software is used to design roof trusses;
  • Manufacturing warranty and engineer’s design certificate;
  • Guarantee on roof trusses backed up with ITC-SA accreditation;
  • The timber used for truss construction is SABS quality treated SA Pine;
  • Trusses are assembled on a jig system in a factory environment;
  • Truss components are joined with nail plates on a vertical press;
  • Inspection & Certification of erected roof
  • Saves you money because 20% less timber is used;