Safintra Pierced Fix Roof Sheeting

Corrugated & IBR Pierced Fix Profiles

Producing the ever-appealing Corrugated and IBR roof sheet profiles under proprietorial names of Tufdek® and Classicorr®, the brands being a mark of quality assurance to you in roll forming and material standards.

The innovative Versatile® profile combines the structural strength of a sheet with the aesthetic appeal of tile.

The exclusive IBR roof sheet fix profiles include Widedek®, Trimflute® and Fluteline® for economical applications with wider sheet coverage.

Corrugated & IBR roof sheeting technical support

  • Expert Product Knowledge to help you choose the right solution for your home or business.
  • Expert installation so you receive optimal service life from your investment.
  • Specialised Divisions – Trained, dedicated personnel know exactly what needs to be done to provide a complete roofing solution that performs optimally, both functionally and aesthetically, and fulfills South African Building Standards and Regulations.

Safintra only uses material that will give you the service life you deserve for your building. Depending on the location and environmental circumstances, we recommend you use steel coated with a patented and proven aluminium zinc (ZincAL) alloy, or aluminium.

Safintra Roof Sheeting Colours & ZincAL

COLORPLUS® is a factory pre-painted sheet with a ZincAL® substrate, giving you all the advantages of ZincAL® performance with the option of colour for added aesthetic appeal. Read more on Safintra roof sheeting colours.

 Pierced Fix IBR & Corrugated Roof Sheeting

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