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Looking for exposed roof truss with a difference in Pretoria & Johannesburg?

ECO Roofing specialise in exposed timber roof truss designs, the manufacturing and the erection of trusses. We also supply and laying tiles and sheeting for Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand & Johannesburg. Besides supplying a complete roofing solution to Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand & Johannesburg we also do work in the greater Gauteng aria.

Exposed Roof Trusses could be one of the most visually pleasing elements of a new construction, if done correctly! To achieve the desired exposed truss effect collaboration between architect, trusses manufacturer and the client are essential! At ECO Roofing we understand this and our roofing consultants will go the extra mile to bring all the parties together to make the desired effect a reality.

With the knowledge and know-how of our design team we can also supply and fit custom designed exposed trusses and laminated beams based on the exact specification of our clients.

Exposed trusses are also called architectural trusses or decorative trusses. Essentially the main difference between exposed trusses and nail plate trusses is that the truss structure is exposed and the ceiling is placed on top of the truss structure.

Custom Exposed Roof Trusses
Exposed Roof Trusses
Decorative Trusses

Why use exposed roof trusses?

Vaulted ceilings, also known as raised tie or scissors trusses are used in upper floor areas to create more space. With the exposed trusses you have the option to put the ceiling on top of the trusses and so increasing the usability & comfort of the room.

The manufacturing process of the exposed roof trusses are the same as normal trusses and still needs to be nail plated. To make the exposed truss visually pleasing decorative connector plates are needed. The cover plates are merely decorative and does not add any structural support. Even though these trusses look decorative, they are still structural trusses and designed to carry the required loads.

Exposed trusses also needs to be braced to form a roof truss system. Roof truss bracing ensures that the trusses and truss members remain aligned and do not bow out of place. So with that said we can put the following bold! BRACING IS VERY IMPORTANT AND MAY NOT BE LEFT OUT! But be assured that you can count on the experience of our design team and our roofing consultants. Utilizing the MiTek 20/20 software our design team can produce engineered truss shapes that is functional and save while still assuring that all aesthetic requirements are met.

Exposed truss options and material used

  • Nail-plated trusses
  • Nail-plated trusses with decorative cover plates & bolts
  • Bolted connector plates with joints
  • Steel trusses cladded with wood
  • Truss ends decorated with truss sprockets
  • Bolted exposed laminated beams
  • Bolted exposed Pine trusses
  • Bolted exposed Meranti trusses