Pierced Fix Roof Sheeting

ECO Roofing is a wholesale supplier of Corrugated & IBR roof sheeting also referred to as pierced fix roof sheeting. Pierced fix metal roof sheeting uses exposed fasteners or screws that goes through the metal roof sheeting into the structure below to firmly secure the roof sheeting.

ECO Roofing can handle your complete roof sheeting project from design to installation providing clients with a complete roofing solution.

Our Pierced Fix / Corrugated & IBR Roof Sheeting Product Range Include:

Safintra Pierced Fix Roof Sheeting

Safintra produce corrugated roof sheeting, IBR roof sheeting and cladding material. IBR fix profiles include Widedek®, Trimflute® and Fluteline® for economical applications with wider sheet coverage. Corrugated and IBR profiles under Safintr’s proprietorial names of Tufdek® and Classicorr®See More

GRS Pierced Fix Roof Sheeting

GRS Pierced fix roofing products includes IBR, Corrugated & Nu-Rib roof sheeting. For piersed roof sheet poroducts like the IBR 890, IBR 686, Nu-Rib, BR7 & Corrugated fix See More