Roof Construction

ECO Roofing specializes in the installation and erection of new roof for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our roofing contractors has a wealth of experience in both the residential and corporate markets assuring our clients with quality workmanship.

We can help with cost estimate for new roof erection but we can also assist you with insurance claims, renovations or repairs.

When starting a new roof installation our roofing contractors draw on the experience of our design team and rely on accurate designs for fast roof erection. Prefabricated roof trusses are sourced and delivered on site from our manufacturing component. With a detail layout plan our roofing contractors can immediately start with the erection of the new roof.

Utilizing ECO Roofing’s complete roofing solution enables client’s to focus on the rest of a building project, while our experienced team take care of delivery, erection, coverings and handover of a project on time and in budget.

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Roof Construction Services

Roof Installation

Looking for a roof installation expert? ECO Roofing offers roof truss erection and the laying of tiles and sheeting as part of its full roofing solution. Get it done on time and in budget with ECO Roofing. We have the experience and know ...See More

Roof Inspection

ECO Roofing uses an independent experienced roof inspector who follows the roof erection process from start to finish. Services offered by our independent roof inspector include: Supervision of newly erected timber structures. Certification of...See More

Timber Roof Truss Design

ECO Roofing manufactures roof trusses for houses, apartments and commercial buildings. Pre-Fabricated timber roof trusses are used in the majority of construction projects in South Africa. Timber trusses offers a cost effective and...See More

Roof Truss Fabrication

Quality engineered truss systems, pre-fabricated nail plated roof truss & roof trusses fabrication are all available at ECO Roofing. The truss structure and layout are designed with the focus on ease of installation and to minimize ... See More