Exposed Roof Trusses – Patio

  • Exposed Timber Roof Trusses

Farm House Cronje – Patio – Volksrust District

Exposing the true beauty of exposed roof trusses. Take away the ceiling stain the prefabricated trusses and stand back to admire a work of art!

Exposed Roof Trusses could be one of the most visually pleasing elements of a new construction, if done correctly! To achieve the desired exposed truss effect collaboration between architect, trusses manufacturer and the client are essential! At Eco Roofing we understand this and our roofing consultants will go the extra mile to bring all the parties together to make the desired effect a reality.

The Farm House Cronje – Patio project needed just that and contracted ECO Roofing to make their roofing vision for their new upmarket, lose standing patio a reality.

ECO Roofing brought the following to the project:

  • Roof structure designed;
  • Roof truss manufacturing and delivering;
  • Fitment of prefabricated roof trusses and erecting of roof;
  • Staining of exposed roof trusses;
  • Supply and packing of roof tiles;
  • Inspection and certification of new roof structure.

To round it all off, slate colored Double Roman roof tiles was used to get the desired look for the outside roof covering of the upmarket patio.

Exposed Timber Roof Trusses
Exposed Roof Trusses
Stained Exposed Roof Trusses

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