Roof Installation

Roof Installation & Erection – Proven Expertise & Reliability

Looking for a roof installation expert?

ECO Roofing has the experience and know how to make your project a reality. Get it done on time and in budget with ECO Roofing.

ECO Roofing offers roof truss erection and the laying of tiles and sheeting as part of its full roofing solution. We will deliver a secure, save and structurally sound roof structure. All work conducted by ECO Roofing and its partners are guaranteed to adhere to all relevant regulations.

Drawing from the experience of our truss design team you could be sure of a detailed and accurate roof layout. Quality prefabricated roof trusses that’s delivered on time and adequate bracing detail upon commencement of roof erection allows us to finish installation of your new roof in no time

Our roofing representatives are always on standby and will guide you through the roofing process from design to delivery. All your project needs are covered in our detailed layout and itemized planning ensure no unnecessary expenses. All our products and services meet industry standards and regulations. To top this off we also have an independent experienced roof inspector who follows the erection process from start to finish. Once satisfied that the roof meets all regulations an A19 Completion Certificate is issued for your roof.

Our roof installation and erection services include:

  • Advice on roof structures for residential and commercial projects;
  • Measuring;
  • Estimating;
  • Designing;
  • Transport and delivery of trusses;
  • The supplying of covering: Sheeting, concrete roof tiles, slate tiles etc;
  • Erecting of trusses;
  • Inspecting and certification of the completed roof structure.