Lightweight Steel Roof Trusses

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Looking for lightweight steel roof trusses or Ultra-Span steel trusses?

ECO Roofing supplies Ultra-Span steel trusses and can design any lightweight steel roof trusses you require. With numerous steel roofing project completed all over South Africa, our roofing consultants has more than enough experience to advice clients what would work best when considering steel roof structures as an alternative to timer roof trusses.

At ECO Roofing we follow the steel roofing industry closely and we always try to be on the forefront of innovation. One of the more recent evolution’s in the truss industry is the arrival of lightweight steel roof trusses and the practical application their off.

Light steel roof trusses is not so commonly associated with truss systems when it comes to roofing, but the Ultra-Span steel roof truss is changing that.

Now it is possible to deliver turn-key steel structures and have super structures clearing 40m spans all thanks to the innovation of the Ultra-Span steel roof trusses.

Ultra Span Residential
Ultra Span Steel Trusses
Ultra Span Indudtrial Steel Trusses

Why use Ultra-Span lightweight steel roof trusses?

The biggest advantage of the Ultra-Span system is the unique member profile shape that MiTek has developed. Purposely designed with less steel per meter than other systems, the Ultra-Span truss shape is fabricated with only three components (chords, webs and a single size connector)

The light weight steel roofing system has the following advantages:

  • The design is elegant and it is a plain and easy system to use;
  • Roof truss members are straight and true, allowing for a level roof;
  • The light steel trusses can be used for small low cost to large commercial structures spanning 40m;
  • The steel structure is galvanized coated to ensure longevity of the trusses. It is also non-combustible and resistant to borer and fungus attack;
  • The light weight steel structure reduces transport cost while improving handling and erection;
  • Truss manufacturing is a breeze with the Ultra-Span Steel Truss system due to the fact that electric fixing tools, screws and a cut-off saw can be used on site;
  • Lower carbon foot print.

ECO Roofing has access to the complete package of products and services used to manufacturers pre-fabricated cold formed steel trusses and includes:

  • A full suite of estimating, design, fabrication, and management software
  • Proprietary Ultra-Span steel truss sections
  • A complete line of connectors and accessories
  • Full-service cold formed component and structure engineering

Ultra-Span is backed by a professional engineering and estimating department. Engineered designs are calculated using state of the art in-house developed software and provide economical roofing solutions.