NEWLOK is a concealed fix, standing seam sheet profile with an effective cover width of 445mm, and a height of 50.8mm.


Newlok (unseamed) concealed fix or secret fix profiles as the anchoring system is not visible, which provides unrestrained thermal expansion or contraction. The difference between concealed fix and standing seam (Newlok) is that the Newlok profile can be seamed either mechanically or by hand, giving it additional wind uplift s trength. Concealed fix roofing (also referred to as secret fix), is designed for very low pitched roofs. Because clips under the sheet hold it down, the sheet is not punctured with fasteners, and remains completely watertight even at a very low slope. The securing clips are fixed over the male rib of the previous sheet and fastened to the purlins, and the female rib of the next sheet is mechanically snapped over the clip. As a concealed fix sheet can also expand and contract with the clips as the temperature changes, this system is ideal for long spans on industrial and commercial buildings.

The NEWLOK clip incorporates a two-part component to positively hold down the male-female joint on every rib. It also incorporates a sliding halter to allow for thermal movement. *Seaming is recommended for Industrial and Commercial applications. For residential purposes, a snapped configuration is adequate due to reduced loadings.

NEWLOK is a concealed fix, standing seam sheet profile with an effective cover width of 445mm, and a height of 50.8mm. It is designed for use on low pitched roofs and can withstand high wind conditions and has commercial, industrial and residential applications. NEWLOK’S unique interlocking clipping system incorporates a concealed clip to positively hold down the male-female joint at every rib. The profile is usually roll formed on mobile mills on the building site, in lengths of up to 120m. The two-part clip allows for natural thermal expansion and contraction of the sheet, and the 50mm rib height delivers optimal water shedding capabilities at slopes as low as 1.5 degrees.

Newlok Standing Seam Roof Sheeting Install


  • Unique profile offers either a snap-together or a snap-andseam interlocking mechanism for optimum wind stability;
  • Exceptional hold down strength, in excess of 3kPa hold down on negative wind uplift on the seamed profile;
  • Interlocking system allows natural thermal expansion and contraction, without unclipping between purlin supports;
  • Concealed fasteners provide increased security, as roof sheets cannot easily be removed from the outside;
  • Wide purlin supports for economical design.


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