Cementitious Waterproofing – Waterproof your water features, balconies and roof valleys.

We repair all types of roofs & specialise in damp & waterproofing solutions. We supply & install exterior, interior, roof & basement waterproofing products.

What is Cementitious waterproofing?

Cementitious emulsions can be used as a coating or mixed in with cement products. When used as a coating it improves the thin section fragility of cement and enhances the water retention capability. When mixed and used in combination with cement it enhances the mechanical properties such as bonding (adhesion) with various building materials, flexural, compression and impact strength.

Cementitious emulsions are ideal for waterproofing cement.

Main advantages of cementitious waterproofing:

  • Increased resistance to abrasion, chemicals and frost;
  • Improved flexural and tensile strengths;
  • Better overall durability;
  • Reduced shrinkage;
  • Resistant to hydrolysis;
  • Good bonding between old & new concrete;
  • Enhanced adhesion to smooth surfaces: dense concrete, steel etc.


Main applications for cementitious waterproofing:

  • Waterproofing of building basements and sunken walls;
  • Used as a bonding agent between old & new concrete;
  • Waterproofing of swimming pools and water tanks;
  • Repair interior & exterior brick & concrete walls;
  • Used to waterproof water features;
  • Protect concrete agents corrosion;
  • Waterproof balconies.


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