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What is Bitumen Emulsion?

Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of fine bitumen & water droplets. Bitumen is produced from petroleum products and is a very stick substance. Because of its petroleum nature it doesn’t mix with water and isn’t easily disintegrated into fine droplets. Using an emulsifier overcomes this problem.

The emulsifier acts as a surface-active agent and keeps the bitumen from mixing with other droplets by keeping it in a fine droplet state. By keeping the bitumen in this fine droplet state it stays suspend in water.

In short: Bitumen emulsion is a dispersed liquid made up of bitumen, water & emulsion.

Products most often used by our contractors are Rubber Bitumen Emulsion & BE2 Bitumen Emulsion from PEKAY

Rubber Bitumen Emulsion – Jayco Jay 6

Jayco Jay 6 rubber bitumen emulsion is a highly effective and cost efficient method of waterproofing brick, concrete and metal areas. Itis a rubber bitumen emulsion which on drying form a tough, elastic membrane. This is suitable for a wide variety of applications from roof waterproofing to bridge abutments, retaining walls, flower boxes, box gutters or any other area where water must be kept in or out.

The Jayco Jay 6 rubber bitumen emulsion forms a continuous membrane and the high rubber latex content enables it to accommodate thermal movements. It may be used horizontally or vertically under normal ambient temperatures. Jay 6 can be applied easily and inexpensively by unskilled personnel. No special equipment is required as application is by normal household brooms or block brushes. It is also non-toxic and will not taint water.

Applications of Jayco Jay 6 rubber bitumen emulsion

  • Waterproofing of flat concrete roofs
  • Waterproofing of corrugated metal roofs
  • Waterproofing of silo roofs
  • Tanking of basements and retaining walls
  • Lining of dams and reservoirs
  • Waterproofing of balconies and shower areas
  • Sealing of corroded and leaking gutters, particularly box gutters
  • Sealing of flower boxes


Pekay BE2 Bitumen Emulsion

BE2 emulsion is an aqueous dispersion of specially selected pure asphalts combined with fillers and additives to render it water and chemical resistant. The product dries to a semi-plastic film, which gradually loses its surface tackiness as it hardens. It is non-flammable when wet and so eliminates fire risk at the time of application.

Suitable Surfaces for the BE2 Bitumen Emulsion

  • Being of a thixotropic (buttery) consistency, consistency, it may be applied equally easily to horizontal or vertical surfaces even as a thick coating.
  • The product has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, asbestos cement, wood and weathered galvanized sheeting.
  • BE2 may be used as a waterproofing system as well as a vapor barrier compound for use in thermal insulation applications.


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