Torch On Waterproofing

  • Torch-on Waterproofing

Harcourts Capital – Menlopark, Pretoria

Waterproofing roof slabs with Bitumin & Torch On

When the raining season starts thelast thing you want is a call from one of your tenants complain about a leaking sealing. When it was time to redo and waterproof the roof slabs of a residential building in Pretoria, ECO Roofing’s Waterproofing contractor was called in to get the job done!

The first course of action was to remove all previous waterproofing material and to prepare the roof slabs for Torch On application. After all the roof slabs were cleaned it was primed with Bitumin primer. Once the primer dried, 4mm Jayco Torch on was then applied. Finishing off the Torch on waterproofing job everything was panted with silver aluminum to help protect against the sun.

Here are the remedies followed repairing and waterproofing the roof slabs:

  • Remove old & previous waterproofing measures;
  • Prepair slabs for water proofing by priming it with Bitumin primer;
  • Apply 4mm Jayco Torch to seal the slabs and making it waterproof;
  • Protect Torch On by painting it with two coats of aluminum silver.

Waterproofing flassings
Jayco 4mm Torch On
Bitumin Torch On Waterproofing
Torch On Sliver Waterproofing
Bitumin primer toped with torch on
Waterproofing Torch On painted silver aluminium

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