JVR Architects

JVR Architects, Parktown – JHB

Client required a modern addition to an existing porch. Custom made roof trusses was made onsite using S.A. pine timber. Finishing off the truss installation decorative truss sprockets was added to the truss ends to create a luxurious look and feel. The roof covering was done in corrugated chromadek roof sheeting.

Custom roof trusses sprockets
Decorative roof trusses sprockets
Custom roof trusses and sprockets
Roof trusses sprockets
Custom roof trusses
Modern roof trusses

ECO Roofing can help with cost estimate for new roof erection (Big & Small) but we can also assist you with insurance claims, renovations or repairs. Decorative finishes like roof trusses sprockets and decorative plates are also available from ECO Roofing.
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