Torch On System for Residential & Commercial Roofing

The torch on system is a heat fused, UV stable roofing membranes which will provide complete waterproofing protection for flat roof, low pitched roof, under-flooring, industrial roof & foundations.

What is torch on waterproofing?

The APP based Heavy Duty Torchon with dual carrier system is a polymer-modified waterproofing membrane obtained from the modification of distilled bitumen with poly-olefin based co-polymers.

The modified compound makes Torch On Systems an easy to apply membrane that requires low consumption of gas and has excellent adhesion properties that ensure, when the membrane is properly installed, very good bonding and tightness of all joints and overlaps. The carrier is a high grade composite polyester stabilised with longitudinal glass yarns that provide very good dimensional stability together with excellent mechanical characteristics, making the Torch On System an very versatile waterproofing membrane and easy to install, ideally suited for most waterproofing applications


Torch On System Carrier

The carrier is a polyester and glass composite with longitudinal reinforcement yarns: it provides great dimensional stability making the Torch On System an easy to install membrane of excellent dimensional stability.

Advantages of a Torch On Roofing System

Easy to Apply

After surface preparation it is as easy as rolling out and heating up the Torchon System. Because of the heat fused & self-adhesive properties the Torchon System’s membrane can be applied quickly and efficiently. Repairs are seldom necessary but if needed can be done easily.


The last thing you want to worry about in a storm is a leaking roof. The torchon system is a heat fused, UV stable roofing membrane made from a high grade composite polyester. When the torchon system is correctly installed and maintained it could last for up to 25 years.


The application method of the torchon system makes it a very reliable waterproofing system. When using a blowtorch to fuse together different layers of modified bitumen membrane it creates a single watertight roofing system. The waterproof seal that is formed, seals all cracks and joints of the roof.

Long term value

The torchon roofing system may not have the cheapest initial cost but because of its durability & reliability the long term value is absolutely worth it. With minimal maintenance and a live span of up to 25 years the torchon system should be high up on your list when it comes to waterproofing.


Torch On Use & Application

Torch On Waterproofing Applications

The torch-on system can be use for waterproofing  flat roof, low pitched roof, under-flooring, industrial roof & foundations. Subject to the type of substrate the torch-on system must be installed by means of a propane gas torch, approved adhesives or by mechanical fixing

It is advisable in case of  direct exposure to weathering agents the torch-on membrane should be protected with a reflective paint or by a layer of self-protected (mineralised) membrane.


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