Roof, Slab & Tile Waterproofing

Roof  Waterproofing

Each roof waterproofing project is tailored around our client’s needs & requirements. Waterproofing is vital in stopping damp and moisture from getting to the vital parts of a structure and damaging it. Weak spot to look at when considering waterproofing include roofs, concrete slabs, chimney’s and any connecting / exposed walls.

Our Waterproofing Service Covers:

  • Tile roof waterproofing,
  • Slate roof waterproofing
  • Timber roof waterproofing,
  • Concrete roof waterproofing,
  • Kliplok roof sheeting waterproofing,
  • IBR & corrugated roof waterproofing,
  • Commercial & industrial roof waterproofing.

On inspection of your roof, our waterproofing contractor will advise you on the best course of action to waterproof your roof. In most instances a combination of waterproofing methods are used to get the job done. When it comes to roof & slab waterproofing products like Torch-on, Acrylic’s and Cementitious are used.

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