About Us

ECO Roofing is an online marketing initiative of Dynamic Roofs with the main goal of collaborating with various industry experts for the roofing industry. ECO Roofing gives us the platform to offer our clients a complete roofing service with all the roll-players in one place.

Dynamic Roofs was born from the idea of creating a business in the Roofing Industry, with specialized service in mind. We can handle any Client’s Roof Needs from A to Z. From the initial planning stage, we take the Building Plans and do a professional Quotation according thereto. If the Quotation is being accepted, we make use of a Reputable Roof-truss Factory ( MITEK –Accredited ) to manufacture the Roof Trusses and deliver it to site as well.

After the Roof-trusses are being delivered, we also do the necessary Erection of the Roof-structure, as well as the Installation of the Roof Tiles. On completion of the Roof Structure, we arrange for a Roof Inspection by means of a Qualified Reputable and Accredited Roof Inspector. If the Roof Structure is Installed to the satisfaction of the Roof Inspector, he then issues a Certificate of Competence, regarding the specific Roof. This Roof Certificate is also valid for Occupational Certification Purposes.

Over the past couple of years, we got quite a few committed and satisfied customers, who like the way we operate and who loyally support us, because of the particular and personal way we attend to their Roofing Needs. We however do realize that it is a good habit to attach a portion of Humbleness and Honesty to this Service we render, which will hopefully convince you as a potential Client, to contact us and experience the way we operate. It is therefore our main objective to assist each and every client in achieving the best service possible.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Passion and Joy for the Industry
  • Service
  • Excellence
We would like to invite you to give us the opportunity to assist you with your Roofing Needs. Please feel free to contact us for a professional, friendly and affordable service… - Johann Viljoen